Welcome to Expert Honeymoons!

Don’t let the name deceive you – we are so much more than honeymoons !  We are experts in all sorts of travel. But let’s start today talking about honeymoons!  There are so many wonderful locations and hotels out there.

Here are some things I’ve learned about honeymoon planning.

Of course – use a travel agent.  We good ones know how to make the planning process enjoyable.

Start planning early – at least 8 to 11 months prior to travel! The most desirable rooms at resorts can book up fast.  So beginning early is good.

Be specific about what you want.  If you tell me you are a foodie who wants to lay by the pool for a few days but then will want to get out and explore- I need to know that.  Having an idea of your dream honeymoon enables me to make it happen!!

Know your budget for the honeymoon!  Weddings can be the focus but I believe it is the honeymoon you remember.  And it lasts longer! It may take you 3 days after the wedding to de-stress and relax.  Make sure you have the time and budget to really enjoy your honeymoon.

Plan together!  You both want input on your honeymoon.  I think it is lovely when a husband wants to surprise his new wife with a honeymoon – but make sure you know really wants she wants- and visa versa!  It should be the right experience for you both.

Don’t get overwhelmed!  Depending on wants, time and budget there could be too many choices.  Again let a travel professional help narrow destinations and hotel choices down for you.

Finally!  Enjoy the experience!  Relax. Take it all in! Maybe set down the camera and just have a memory shared by just the two of you.