Italy is such a romantic place to honeymoon.  Ancient architecture!  Art work! Green country sides! Wine! Pasta!  You have it all in small country.  Walk thru towns with their hidden streets and secluded corners.  Explore the beauty of Tuscan wineries.  Drive around Rome on the back of a vespa!  Or do some shopping in the ultra chic Milan.  No matter where you go- Italy does not disappoint

Best time to Visit?

I believe that you should visit Italy from April to June – or from September to October.  The temperature is still comfortable – but the crowds are not there!  July to first of September the crowds and prices are high.  Do not go in August.  Not only is the weather and crowds at it’s worst– but most of the Italians take the month of August off work!   

Where to go!

Rome if you like big cities!  Some of the most famous sites in Italy are in Rome.  You should take a tour into the Colosseum to see where the gladiators battled.  Make a wish in the Trevi fountain.  I loved the tour of the Roman Forum.  Learning what happened there sticks with me today.  And of course a visit to the Vatican is a must for most.    A small tip – try to eat away from the big tourist areas.  The restaurants near the – say- the Spanish steps cost more – and are not as delicious as  a small place a few blocks away.

Naples – make sure you stop in this birthplace of pizza on your way to Pompeii.  There you will find pizza that may just change your life!  Or maybe just ruin you for all other pizzas!

Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world.  Gondola rides.  Walking thru St Mark’s square then over to the Doge’s Palace.  And also Basilica di San Marco.  Don’t be afraid to get lost. It is almost certain it will happen.  But learning the art of taking your time to enjoy your day is something of an art form in Italy

Tuscany remains the favorite place for most people to visit.  The rolling hills , sprawling vineyards, gorgeous homes and incredible foods make it a dream.  If you love food, fresh olive oils, homemade breads and wine – then you have come to the right place.  Wander thru the countryside with someone you love. 

Depending on the amount of time you – helps create your honeymoon to Italy.  Yes it is easy to train from town to town.  I do suggest flying into one city then out of another.  Most common is Rome to Venice to Florence.  But time in Lake Como or Sicily or Capri should also be considered.

To me, Italy is a place you can visit over and over again.  But that first visit while in love is special! And Italy lingers with you.  La Dolce Vita!